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Toyota minibus service 6 seatsToyota minibus service 6 seats. Small minibus with all-wheel drive (4*4), high ground clearance or high ground clearance, convenient for trips to the mountains and the sea. The seats in the cabin can be conveniently deployed in any direction or removed. Their backs can be easily folded if necessary to achieve a flat surface. Despite its small size, it can accommodate up to 6 people with large backpacks. On the roof there is also a small trunk + Luggage compartment in the rear of the cabin (see photo below).

Many motorists are well aware of the high quality and reliability of Toyota cars. Transport from Japan is of high quality. Often, various car models surprise and delight with the durability of their owners.

Bus Ford Transit 18 seatsOrder a Ford Transit bus 18 seats + driver. (Possibly with a trailer). Our transport is often ordered for trips to the mountains or to the sea. Minibuses with the name Ford Transit are often referred to as larger vehicles. That's why they're called buses. They are designed to carry a large number of people up to 18 people. This is a more modern and comfortable version of the bus, which is additionally equipped with air conditioning, a small TV. (Which is sometimes important).

Ford Transit bus with trailer. For transportation of tourists with backpacks, ski equipment (skis, snowboards), passengers with large bags. On long-distance trips, this bus can be used with a trailer. Attention! You can't load a large group of people with backpacks or skis without a trailer! Please specify the need for a trailer in advance.

Gazel minibus 9 seats to transport the tourists Hiking in the mountains of Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasnodar Krai, North Caucasus, RussiaPhoto van the Gazelle for more details presented at the bottom of the article. From the pros:

1. Soft comfortable Seating in the cabin,
2. More space for travel bags and luggage,
3. Seats middle and rear set down.
4. Experienced driver who is well-versed in the mountains throughout the Northern Caucasus. Minibus services for 9-10 people + backpacks for tourists or other Luggage. We transport people to the mountains and back to the train station, to the airport.

 Gazel minibus with 13 seats to transport, transfer the tourists Hiking in the mountains of the North Caucasus , Russia - Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasnodar KraiThe link to the photo of the Gazelle for transfers, transportation, travel tourists before hiking into the mountains from Krasnodar - at the end of the article. A little less space for travel accessories. Russian minibus, Gazelle, that is the most inexpensive and popular transport among tourists for transfers, transportation, travel before Hiking.