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Hiking up a mountain is Large, Small Thach, Caucasus, RussiaThe trekking route Krasnodar - Novoprokhladnoye the river Sahraj - waterfall Manikin Noise - Taiwan - mountain Big Thach (2368 m) - mountain Small the Thach river Kuhn - Novoprokhladnoye - Krasnodar.
The Big and Small Thach is located in the south-western of Russia
Duration - 7 days.
The distance Hiking route in the mountains: 60 km.
Difficulty: Medium.

Services for tourists from other countries: the organization and carrying out Hiking in the mountains of the Big and Small Thach (Russia, West, (North Caucasus). With us it is possible to agree about services of the conductor, (instructor) in the mountains, book a minibus Gazelle for transportation, transfer from airport, station Novoprokhladnoye in Krasnodar (Adygea) to begin the hike.

Services transfers, transportation, travel in the mountains for hiking, Krasnodar - Novoprokhladnoye, Russia

Hike to Big and little Thach is well suited to explore the mountains of the Caucasus, it is quite accessible and very scenic route. The massif of Thach is located on the border of Adygea and Krasnodar territory. The highest point of our route will be mountain Big Thach, with an altitude of 2368 m, and the length of the wall 10-12 km Array Thach included the International Fund of wildlife in the UNESCO world natural heritage. And, then, there is something to see! This Alpine meadows with medicinal plants, caves and perpetual snow, stunning mountain panoramas, it is an opportunity to see wild animals – deer, mountain goats, hares.

If you go here in may, will be almost on-summer warm and green, only here and there we may come across the remains of the snow pieces winter among Caucasian summer.

1 day trekking on mount Thach. The transportation of tourists from Krasnodar Novoprokhladnoye, Adygea.

The bridge over the river in the mountainsGroup meeting at the railway station of Krasnodar. Moving to the village Novoprokhladnoye located Adygeya. Start here. The first day of the trip will be eventful. Browse spectacular suspension bridge over the river Sahraj and go to the waterfall Manikin Noise. Make this close to a halt, if you wish, you can swim under its invigorating jets. Further we are waiting for the fording of the river Sahraj, in its upper course and we will spend the night.

2 day trek to mount Thach. Refuge Windy

After the water in the river will set off on an abandoned dirt road to the orphanage Windy. The trail goes through fir-beech forest, then go to the foot of the mountain Big Thach and rock the Bell tower. Going up to Windy shelter to admire the fantastic views of the plateau Lago-Naki. Here in the shelter of our budget overnight, away from the stand very cool to watch the sunsets and sunrises.

The Mountain Big Thach
3 day trekking on mount Thach. The mountain Big Thach (2368 m)

Today we will leave the backpacks in the camp and the light climb the mountain Big Thach, it offers incredible panoramas of the surrounding mountains. In good clear weather we can even see the highest peak of Russia and Europe – mount Elbrus. Spend the night in the shelter again Windy.

4 day trek on mount Thach. Mount Maly Thach shelter Shestakova

Leave the hospitable shelter Windy and go to the mountain Small Thach. Go around the mountain along grassy slopes and out to the wooded ridge. Along the trail we will come across beautiful wild rose bushes and wild raspberries. Spend the night in the shelter Shestakova, it is notable for a well with drinking water, which is inhabited by newts. But it's not scary, their presence testifies to the exceptional water clarity.

The mountains of the Western Caucasus during the hiking5 day trek to mount Thach. Shelter Anniversary

The transition to the shelter Anniversary. Go down the ridge on the fir-tree forest with thickets of wild rose. From time to time, we will open views of Big Thach. After the last climb we will go to the Jubilee shelter, where will spend the night.

6 day hike to mount Thach. The valley of the river Kuna

Descend from the ridge called a Trough, along which we walked the last two days, and get into the valley of the river Kuna. Rest and refresh yourself in the clear waters of the river. Further along the coast are sent on the road that'll lead us to the confluence of Sahri and Kuna. Cross the river to Wade and spend the night near the waterfall Manikin the Noise, which we have already met in the beginning of the campaign.

7 day trek to mount Thach. Novoprokhladnoye - Krasnodar

Today is the last day of the trip, and we can only return to the village Novoprokhladnoye, where we will leave for Krasnodar.

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