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Hiking Lago-Naki - Dagomys, (Sochi), Caucasus, RussiaFrom the beginning of the hike we will see the beautiful scenery of the mountains of the northwestern Caucasus, enjoy the fresh air, take pictures and admire the wild flowers! Early June is a great time to hike the "Thirtieth, (30) route". The most beautiful scenery — the snow partially remaining areas and the vegetation growing profusely! Suitable trekking route for poorly prepared tourists or beginners. In the years of Soviet power, (in the USSR) those who went Hiking in the mountains on this route gave the icon "Young tourist". While Hiking in the mountains in "the Thirtieth, (30) the route of" we will cross the Caucasus mountains and across from the district of Lago-Naki will get down to the Black sea in Sochi! Great, isn't it?
Night - Hiking in the mountains of Lago-Naki, Thirtieth, (30) route, the Caucasus, RussiaAttention! With us you can agree on the provision of services for tourists from other countries: the organization and carrying out Hiking in the mountains in the district of Lago-Naki, Lagonaki plateau (Russia, West, (North Caucasus). The services of a guide (instructor) in the mountains, book a minibus Gazelle for transportation, airport transfers, station from Krasnodar to checkpoint, Cordon Lago-Naki in Adygea Republic. Meeting the tourists after the trip and transportation to the airport, train station Krasnodar.
Services transfers, transportation, travel in the mountains  for Hiking in the mountains Thirty, (30) route Lagonaki - Dagomys (Sochi, Russia).
Duration: 5 days.
The total route length of 74 km.
A hike in the mountains of North-Western Caucasus.

1 Day hike. The distance travelled up to 10 km Climb to the height of 300 m.

Our hike into the mountains starts from the checkpoint, (Cordon) Lago-Naki at first ordinary dirt road. After a while she will take us through to the Alpine meadows of the forest zone. After lunch, our tourists will get to the first night of Parking, which is located in front of the mountain Oshten. We are able to see one of the first snowy peaks of the Northwest Caucasus, which come our way.

Hiking Lago-Naki - Oshten, Caucasus, Russia2 Day hike. Distance traveled up to 14 km Climb to a height of 750 m.

On the second day of the hike the tourists climb to the top of the mountain Oshten (2804 meters). Sometimes climbing the mountain will be steep, but not insurmountable. Special climbing equipment is required! Today we will go light and take only drinking water and food.

Climbing mount Oshten, we will see beautiful views of other mountain peaks of the North-Western part of the Caucasus. And very close in front of us will stand, mount Fisht - the most Western glacier of the Main Caucasian Ridge! After the photo session and rest on top of a group of tourists will begin the descent back to camp. So two nights in a row we will hold on the same place.

Waterfalls Fisht, Nord-West Caucasus3 Day hike. The distance travelled up to 13 km Climb to 400 m.

Continue Hiking to the mountains for Thirty, (30) the route from checkpoint, (Cordon Lago-Naki) to the Black sea. Now we will go further with a backpack. The next campaign goal — introduction to the waterfalls of Fisht. Connecting along small mountain streams form a stream Vodopadite.

The waterfalls of mount Fisht is quite high waterfalls falling from a cliff. Their height is 160 meters! Locals say that this rock and was chained mythical Prometheus. On the way to the falls strong lift height, but we have a steep descent from the pass Maikop. In this place begins the forest area. Near waterfalls, our tour group will spend the night.

4 Day hike. The distance travelled up to 19 km Climb to a height of 250 meters, a descent of about 1,300 m.

On the fourth day of the trek towards the Black sea we need to overcome the big distance. After Breakfast and collecting travel tent, we go to the Circassian pass. Finally we will have a steep descent, which the Russians called "Merry descent". After lunch and a little rest down. Sometimes it will be necessary to hold branches of trees. After the descent we go on the road in the direction of Babukaul. A big part of going to the 4 day will be held in the forest area.

Trek, (hiking) Lago-Naki - Black sea Sochi, Dagomys5 Day hike. Distance about 18 km

In the morning continue trip and we have 18 km distance to the village of Solokhaul. From the village of Solokhaul is already possible to get the local bus to the village of Dagomys. Here we will be very close to the beaches of the Black sea and the city of Sochi - capital of winter Olympic games 2014! We come from Lago-Naki (Adygea) "Through the mountains to the sea"! This is often referred to as this route is a camping trip in the mountains of North-West Caucasus.

Hiking in the mountains can change at the request of the group, having discussed it earlier with us.

See you in Russia!
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