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Transfers, transportation, travel for hiking Thach, Krasnodar - Lago-Naki, Adygea, (north-western Caucasus), RussiaThe distance of transfer, transportiation, travel Krasnodar - Lago-Naki in Adygea, (north-western Caucasus in southwestern Russia) - 205 km.

 The journey time according to Google Maps is about 3 hours 10 minutes.

Form of transport - minibus Gazelle Price, the cost of transport services - 6 000 Russia rubles


A detailed map of the route, transfers, transportation, travel for hiking Krasnodar - Lago-Naki, Adygea.

{mosmap address='Krasnodar, Russia'| toaddress='Azish-Tau, Russia'}

How convenient for us to reach by car from Krasnodar, Krasnodar territory in Lago-Naki, Republic of Adygea:

going to turn in front of Dakhovskaya, turn right over the bridge White river - paved road further up the hill is 16 km from Big Azishskaya cave, then about 6 km of white road) is a tourist complex, hotel Azish-Tau - CAT Lagonaki, (the border of the Caucasian Biosphere reserve).